Starring by Jose Castro Caldas Directed by Antonio Caetano Faria Written by Antonio Caetano Faria & José Castro Caldas Screenplay by Antonio Caetano Faria & José Castro Caldas Production by Locanda Films Global Generation Travel For two months, from Buenos Aires (Arg) to Bogotá (Col), we're going to film the journey through some of the most amazing places in South America immersed within the Backpacker's culture. Backpacking travelling is a growing phenomenon and more and more global. People of all ages and from everywhere converge in the same need/will (for weeks, months or even years) of discovering the world. The documentary intends to capture a little bit of the spirit that is special to those living within a community of travel and discovery. Moved by different reasons, but for sure - forgetten by none of them. Thanks to everyone.​pages/​RUTZ/​187441124636082​rutztravel/​rutz Backpacker

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