This is a preview of the new Panasonic GF3, although the review isn't in english (maybe its in dutch?) it does have subtitles.

The camera looks really small and stylish compared to the older GF1.  It has a spin dial on the back presumably for changing aperture, shutter and navigating through the menus.  It also has a touch screen, and you can choose where to focus just by touching the screen.

The review includes some sample footage, showing how focus can be adjusted during shooting and also includes some recorded audio.  The camera includes many creative filters including expressive for more contrast, and miniature for a tilt-shift effect.  

The camera has a built in popup flash, but unlike its predecessors it does not have a flash hot shoe so you cannot connect an external flash.  The camera also does not have a viewfinder, but the LCD does a good job even in bright light according to the reviewer.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3

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