In this review, Will is comparing the image quality of the Nikon D90 with the Canon T1i, in 5 different categories. Some of the results were surprising. First, it is important to note the Canon 500D is a 15.1 megapixel camera while the Nikon D90 is a 12.3 megapixel camera. 

Image Clarity:
Both of the cameras are champions with accurate representations of what was actually there.

Color Reproduction:
The Canon T1i seems to hold the edge a little better without changing many settings where as the Nikon D90 is more washed down and bluish

ISO 3200
In this comparison test, the Nikon D90 is the winner. The Canon 500D should not be used above 1600 ISO, because anything above leaves a significant amount of noise. In regard to the Nikon D90, an ISO of  6400 can be used but should be reserved for extreme situations.
*NOTE: The more you increase your ISO the  grainier your photos may become in low-light

Both are awsome at capturing the feeling of the picture
how much does the camera become
apart of the photographer?

Using similar lenses, the Nikon D90 is significantly faster while the Canon 500D took longer to focus.

The Canon T1i is very intuitive and easy to use; the controls are easy at hand. Nikon D90 is more of a professionals choice once you get experience it is easy to use, thought it can take a while.

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