As you can see in the clip, Mike, has provided a side-by-side video comparison of the Panasonic DMC-TZ10 and the Sony DSC-HX5. In bright light the images on the left (the Panasonic DMC-ZS7) are extremely clear and vibrant. On the right, you can see with the Sony DSC-HX5, they image is a bit dull, and the exposure is lacking. The (AF) Autofocus factor on the Sony may need to be adjusted.

When looking at the buildings, particularly the bright blues and greys, the Sony muddles the blues and greys, almost blurring them together white the Panasonic stays truer to color and line definition.  

Before zooming in the flag has a bit more dimension in the Sony but when the camera has zoomed, the Sony becomes dull and flat while the Panasonic has great vibrancy, making up for what it was lacking in normal conditions.

The waterspouts the clip quality is a bit blurred on the Sony and clear on the Panasonic, the same is true with the buildings while the videographer is panning down. At the top of the circular building we find the same thing, the color and vibrancy of the Sony continues to be dull and flat.

When Mike pan horizontally, arriving at the scene with the kids playing in the water, you can see a bluish tone from the Panasonic while the Sony truer to color, but still pulling a little too much gray. The Panasonic is having a hard time with direct sunlight, while the Sony is almost too dull still. When the light is lowered a bit, the Panasonic becomes more clear and vibrant, illuminating the people as well as the waterspouts.

Note: The sound quality is pretty clear, not sure which of the cameras it is coming from, if any.

In terms of overall image quality, the Panasonic DMC-TZ10 is definitely the way to go if you are going to be shooting in well lit, outdoors situations. 

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10

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