In this tutorial the author shows how to shoot HDR still photographs using the Canon 550D.

He shows the settings he uses in camera step by step, using aperture priority and using built in bracketing, the camera takes 3 photos in rapid succession, one normal, one lighter and one darker.  

The scene he is shooting is typically tough to shoot, he's shooting inside a room into a very bright window, normally you either get the outside exposed properly then the interior will be black, or if you expose the inside room properly you'd then blow at the outside.

He uses Lightroom to adjust the images before processing them as HDR using PhotoMatrix PRO.

Tags: HDR, Canon EOS 550D, Exposure, Photography, Tutorial

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Avatar for spielnicht spielnicht (2:29 PM, June 18, 2012)
It's not your camera, it's your lens, especially if you're using the kit lens.
Carlnewell69 (10:51 PM, February 25, 2012)
Also, how do you import three images?
Carlnewell69 (10:49 PM, February 25, 2012)
my 550d is always noisy, i believe the 550d is set at 200 iso, any higher and its grain grain grain!! 
Ms Cafe (2:39 PM, August 19, 2011)
Very wick lecture