I have been filming this family of woodpeckers for over a month. They decided to nest in a dead tree in the middle of our garden. This is one day of shooting just four days before the young left the nest. No voice over and more content to come on this family. Enjoy. http://www.biodiversityshorts.com I also sell footage: Some of the clips from this video are available for sale here: http://footage.shutterstock.com/video.html?id=6070493?rid=2290982 http://footage.shutterstock.com/video.html?id=6070499?rid=2290982 My entire gallery on shutterstock (includes spoilers): http://footage.shutterstock.com/gallery/Marc-Griffith-2290982/?rid=2290982 I have much more footage on file and am for hire, if you are interested contact me.

Tags: Canon EOS M, Short film, 1080p Full HD, Shallow DOF, Manual focus, Sample video

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