Review of of the 7d vs d7000 from primarily a photography perspective but also a review of the video functionality.  Two awesome cameras batteling it out, a model named Kinky and a BMW getting cleaned.  


Reviewer noted the great feel of the d7000 metal body, nice and grippy, feels good in the hands. Really felt it compares well against the 7d. Really like the continuous auto focus plethora of focus points.


Felt the 7d felt great in the hands, nice weight but a bit plasticky.  The 7d doesn't have dual card slots like the d7000, bit of a shame. 7d felt a bit more responsive but felt the d7000 could be even faster to focus.

Image Quality

They review all the ISO levels up to 25600 on the d7000 and 12800 on the 7d.  The reviewer gave the  edge in low noise to the D7000 at 12800.

Review of Video Quality

Move to 7:40 in the review to get a taste of the video quality.  Nikon boosts 1080p video that is scrumptous with full time auto focus that isn't flawless but sure beats the stead hand nessessary on the 7d.  Face detection on the video is pretty great, for the average user its preferred.

Overall the vote goes to the d7000 but both are great, 7d might have a slight edge in responsiveness.

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Avatar for DMV ALL ACCESS DMV ALL ACCESS (0:56 PM, October 07, 2012)
How quick it reacts.
Avatar for zik zik (8:59 PM, July 17, 2011)
I guess it's the time to focus
The Kaul of the Wild (2:41 PM, May 30, 2011)
Could someone pray tell me what is meant by the term "responsiveness" here?