Canon Sx210 IS is a very solid little camera that packs a host of features, but it of course is not without flaws, here Rich Trenholm will go through some of the higlighting features as well as pros and cons fo this little camera.

Out zooms the Competition*
- 14.1 Megapixel
- 14x SuperZoom
User-friendly Automatic Control
Manual Control
- Aperture Priority
- Shutter Priority
- Full Manual Control
Stereo Mode
Scene Modes
- Panorama
- Face Recognition Mode
- NEW Fisheye Effect
- NEW Tilt Shift Effect

3” LCD Screen
Fisheye Effect
Tilt Shift Effect

Thick Black Bars on LCD Screen when taking stills
Automatic Pop-Up Flash upon Power-up

*Panasonic TZ Series

In closing the Canon SX210 is highly amiable, versatile and affordable, as long as you can live with the pop-up flash this is a great little camera for the average consumer. 

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Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

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