The Pentax K-x is an incredible entry level DSLR.  Its available in 3 colors (red, black and white) which is almost unique among DSLRs!

The K-x uses 4 AA batteries unlike most DSLRs which use a rechargeable lithium ion battery,  

How about controls and ergonimics?  It has one command dial on the back (as opposed to two dials found in some other DSLRs), but features a packed mode dial with the standard aperture priority, shutter priority and manual modes, as well as many others include movie, sports, landscape etc.  It has the standard Pentax "green button" on the top right of the body which you can configure to invoke any function you want, cool!  

The Pentax K-x does feature live view, but its a bit of battery drain according to the reviewer.  

The reviewer was blown away by the K-x image quality and video quality, especially given the price.  The reviewer found the RAW image quality even better than JPEG.

The camera features tons of shooting options, you can play with saturation, hue and color space, cross processing and more.  These features are available when you shoot JPEG.

It also features an HDR capture mode which takes 3 shots at three different exposure levels and blends them together in camera.  Its recommended to use a tripod when using this.

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Pentax K-x

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