Dont forget to like this video :) 3rd part of my Fujifilm hs30 exr camera review, This time I have a small collection of videos and photos that I have created over the last few weeks. This is to show an example of what the camera is capable of. Thanks for watching and once again if anyone wants to see examples of anything not included please ask.

Tags: Fujifilm FinePix HS30 EXR, HDR, Rolling shutter, MJPEG, AVCHD, Short film, High ISO, 24p, 1080p Full HD, Underwater, Slow motion, Manual focus, Autofocus, Zoom, Sample video

Fujifilm FinePix HS30 EXR

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Guest (9:06 AM, June 22, 2013)
Where did you find it that cheap? The cheapest I found, was on Amazon for like 28000 yen.
Suhaimi (1:40 AM, March 10, 2013)
Thanks for the review. I was rummaging at Akihabara on my last day of month-long stay and cannot resist this usedd camera because of the pricetag of 16,000 yen. I ask the shop assistant if l can take a look; after holding it and took a few shots around me l quite like the feel of a true DSLR. And it shoots RAW! So l bought it. Guess l got myself a good camera indeed!