Since I first tested this camera a few weeks ago it has received some good reviews on forums and was awarded a gold standard mark in one of the UK's popular photo magazines. Did I miss something or are my expectations too high? The camera default jpegs in standard colour mode need additional post processing to increase sharpness and contrast. If you use the vivid colour mode the extra sharpness helps but the saturation is too intense. Panasonic please give us back control of contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction as with the TZ10. images shot to look at lens resolution and iso noise levels as the processing now uses wavelet technology to try to enhance detail and reduce luminance noise. by far the greatest upgrade comes from its wi-fi remote application allowing users to control the camera via a smartphone/tablet and upload to pc or NFC (near field communication) enabled devices.

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Panasonic Lumix TZ40

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