This is a hands on review of the recent Sony SLT-A33.  

The SLT-A33 looks like a regular DSLR, but as the name SLT implies its not quite the same.  The SLT-A33 uses what Sony calls a translucent mirror, which gives the camera an incredible advantage when shooting videos.  Because the mirror is translucent, the camera can use the advanced phase detection focus system while shooting video which is something no DSLR can do.

In this review they show some sample footage taken with the SLT-A33, it looks really nice, good colors, and nice depth of field. It also shows the continuous autofocus adjusting quite quickly.  It even tracks him as he walks up to the camera.

He demonstrates the flip out screen.  It looks impressive, tilting right out, and rotating what looks like 360 degrees.  Its also worth noting the screen has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.  

He talks about the translucent mirror, and describes that 70% of the light goes through to the sensor, while 30% of the light is bounced up for the autofocus system.



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Sony SLT-A33

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