Is this the best pocket camera ever made? David Pogue of the New York Times certainly thinks so (Click the link to view the article: In this review I take a brief look at this large sensor compact camera and see if it lives up to the hype. You can follow me on: Facebook - Twitter - Blog -

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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100

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Avatar for LAuger LAuger (11:48 PM, March 06, 2013)
Does the camera still only save video as an MTS (AVCHD) file format? It's not iphoto friendly (doesn't import). Conversion is lossless but an effort and removes the metadata.
Avatar for jxx2 jxx2 (11:45 PM, March 01, 2013)
Was this video shot with the RX100?
Avatar for Susana Crisol Susana Crisol (9:32 AM, February 17, 2013)
can photos be easily transferred from camera to ipad? right now apple has an adapter so easy to transfer with cameras using sd cards