Ralfs Foto-Bude - The Photo-Page for everyone: http://www.ralfs-foto-bude.de Today I show you the review .... MORE Today I show you my review of the Pentax K-3, a DSLR with 24 Megapixel APS-C-Sensor. Find lots of pictures on my Flickr-Account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralfs-foto-bude/sets/72157638041753864/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralfs-foto-bude/sets/72157638183260173/ DISCLAIMER: Please don't watch this video, if you are bored from the video or me, if you know everything, if you can do everything better than anyone else, if you react with an allergic shock when you see me, if you fall asleep, when you see me, if you don't have time for the next minutes. Then please close this video and watch anything else on YouTube. Thanks! All others, you are very welcome to watch my video, enjoy the information I provide, maybe get some tipps and help. If you like the video, you are welcome to leave a comment, klick the Thumb-Up-Button and share it. Thank you very much!

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Pentax K-3

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Avatar for Julije Jelaska Julije Jelaska (5:17 PM, November 21, 2014)
Thanks Ralf!
Avatar for elRey elRey (5:11 AM, June 12, 2014)
Thank you Ralf! It was so confusing reading the manual your video is great! Very informative.