A fun video of people on the streets of Dublin, shot with the Canon 7D, using a single lens the Canon 35mm f/1.4.

Some was shot at 1/50th second at 24p.  He also shot some stuff at 720p at 50 fps at 1/100th of second then slowed it down in post production to create a beautiful slow motion effect.  The slow motion juggling is cool, but I think the depth of field was too narrow for that shot, as none of the balls seem to be in focus.

Its amazing how cinematic DSLR video footage like this can look.  This is basically a fun video you might shoot with a camcorder, but it looks like a hollywood production.

Audio was done mostly with an external mic, but some of the audio at the end was done with the internal mic.

Tags: Short film, Canon EOS 7D, 24p, 1080p Full HD, Slow motion, Low light, Shallow DOF, Sample video

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