The Canon 60D is not quite what people have expected. After their previous short film on the Canon 60D, fans of Lok have been asking more specific questions, pertaining to, “Why the Canon 60D?”

So what did the Lok and the reviewers like best?

Video Mode
Swivel Screen

What do you want to know?

Is it worth the money?
It depends on what you consider to be valuable, it is pretty reasonably priced, and as Lok describes, is priced somewhere between the Canon 550D and 7D. The Canon 60D Feels tougher than the 550D but not quite as mush as the 7D which has a magnesium alloy body. It is large, but not too large, it is adequate for those of us, as Lok says, with, “man-hands” but is smaller than the 7D. The 60D is the successor to the 550D and it's main selling point is the swivel screen

Batteries? Memory Card?
Lithium Ion Batteries
SDXC Memory Cards

How does the viewfinder look when shooting still pictures in 16:9?
The Canon adds several aspect ratios including 3x2, 4x3, 16x9 and square. But it doesn't actually work when you look through the view finder. Aspect ratio only works in live view mode.

For a younger person, new to photography and filmography, is the Canon 60D better than a 550D or the new D7000?

Built in sound quality is mono only, and it is designed so the screen does not get in the way of the mic input. The 550D is a good camera but the 60D is better with filmography.

What do the built in modes look like?

Select the filter
Grainy B/W Filter
Soft Focus
Toy Camera
Miniature Effect

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Canon EOS 60D

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Jagjeet singh (7:33 AM, April 22, 2012)
i wanna shoot wild life is 60d is ok, and suggest me camera  for the purpose  
Kiransankarpati (1:30 AM, October 01, 2011)
canon camera with nikon strap ?