Two strangers, camped out in a foreign land, cross paths in a luxury hotel elevator and exit into adjacent rooms on the same floor... then what? Do they fantasize about one another? Do they build up the courage to knock on the other’s door? Did they even notice one another at all?Written and Directed byAlexander PaulCast Ai-LiPeter ŠimonProduced bySusanne PorzeltDirector of PhotographyVikash Nowlakha EditingMichael Pikelj Assistant directorChang Yu PangSound Design hotelIV GroupAssistant cameraLiu Ming Hao – “Haozi”ColoristSwen LindePostproductionwefadetogrey.deVery Special thanks toHotel G BeijingMIC Made in China FilmsA Ping-Pong. Films Production 2011Shot on Canon 7DMusic by Stina NordenstamStrictly for non commercial use.

Tags: Short film, Canon EOS 7D, High ISO, 24p, 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, Slow motion, Low light, Shallow DOF, Manual focus, Zoom, Sample video

Canon EOS 7D

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