Live View is available on the Canon 60D right out of the box. Here the instructor will take you step by step through the different features of Live View. The following are

Display Options
- Basic Exposure
- Detailed Exposure
- Live Histogram
- New Electronic Level Display

Precise Compostion and Focus
- Grid Display
   - Fine
   - Coarse

Exposure Simulation

Silent Mode
- Mode 1
  - Quiet Mode
- Mode 2
  - Quietest Shooting Mode
  - Single Frame Only
- Disable

Metering Timer and Auto Power Off
- Great option when you are on a Tripod
- Takes up a lot of power

Aspect Ratio
- New Feature, the ability to set the Aspect Ratio in the LV Form
This only applies to images taken in the LV Active mode

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Allielebaron (6:26 PM, April 21, 2012)
awesome tutorial!! thank you!