Interested in a mirrorless camera RAW with a viewfinder? Here we've rounded up the only mirrorless camera RAW with a viewfinder .

Shoots RAW

Higher end digital cameras let you shoot images in RAW format (as well as the standard JPEG). Images captured in RAW contain more data making it possible to do more extensive editing such as changing exposure and white balance.

Mirrorless digital camera

Mirrorless cameras are a new category of camera that are inbetween a regular digital camera and a full fledged DSLR. They have interchangable lenses like a DSLR but lack the optical viewfinder, they are typically smaller than DSLRs.

Optical viewfinder

Most digital cameras do not have a viewfinder, instead you can preview the photo you're about to take by looking at the screen on the back. Some digital cameras however do have built-in viewfinders, which have several advantages including no battery drain and the ability to use them in bright light.

Samsung NX1
Mirrorless interchangeable-lens, announced over 2 years ago
Samsung NX1
Supports RAW
Shoots RAW
Better editing
Great viewfinder
Learn more about the Samsung NX1

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