Interested in a compact digital camera RAW? Here we've rounded up all zero compact digital camera RAW .

Shoots RAW

Higher end digital cameras let you shoot images in RAW format (as well as the standard JPEG). Images captured in RAW contain more data making it possible to do more extensive editing such as changing exposure and white balance.

Compact cameras are great for putting in your pocket and keeping with you on the go when you want a really small camera.

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Wolfgang Netolitzky (2:04 PM, April 12, 2013)
Describing the Lumix LX7 you omit the possibility to be able to use the ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF2 with the camera. The compared Nikon P330 does NOT have such a possibility.
Daz (10:17 PM, December 23, 2012)
Seems you list fujifilm f660 exr as capable of shooting raw... Think you should check this..