Interested in a Nikon mirrorless camera with a viewfinder? Here we've rounded up the only mirrorless camera with a viewfinder from Nikon. You might also be interested in checking out mirrorless cameras with a viewfinder from other manufacturers such as Sony, Fujifilm or Canon.

Mirrorless digital camera

Mirrorless cameras are a new category of camera that are inbetween a regular digital camera and a full fledged DSLR. They have interchangable lenses like a DSLR but lack the optical viewfinder, they are typically smaller than DSLRs.

Optical viewfinder

Most digital cameras do not have a viewfinder, instead you can preview the photo you're about to take by looking at the screen on the back. Some digital cameras however do have built-in viewfinders, which have several advantages including no battery drain and the ability to use them in bright light.

Nikon D810A
Mirrorless interchangeable-lens, announced over 2 years ago
Nikon D810A
Great viewfinder
Learn more about the Nikon D810A

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