Interested in a Leica travel zoom digital camera with a viewfinder? Here we've rounded up the only travel zoom digital camera with a viewfinder from Leica. You might also be interested in checking out travel zoom digital cameras with a viewfinder from other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony or Nikon.

Travel zoom digital camera

Travel zoom cameras are great for trips and vacations because of their size and zoom. They are reasonably compact but include zoom lenses great for taking photos of distant subjects such as kids playing on the beach, also they often include a GPS.

Optical viewfinder

Most digital cameras do not have a viewfinder, instead you can preview the photo you're about to take by looking at the screen on the back. Some digital cameras however do have built-in viewfinders, which have several advantages including no battery drain and the ability to use them in bright light.

Leica C-Lux
Travel zoom digital camera, announced over 2 years ago
Great viewfinder
Learn more about the Leica C-Lux

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