Interested in a Canon entry level DSLR touch screen? Here we've rounded up the only entry level DSLR touch screen from Canon. You might also be interested in checking out touch screen entry level DSLRs from other manufacturers such as Nikon.

Touch screen

Many new digital cameras have a touch screen interface, allowing you access some controls such as focusing, zooming and picture taking as well as previewing images all at the touch of a finger.

Entry level DSLR

Entry level DSLRs offer a good compromise between ease of use and power. Entry level DSLRs can be used in full automatic mode if you want, or you can start to learn more about photography and use controls such as aperture, shutter, ISO and more.


Digital SLRs (also called DSLRs) are the digital equivalent of the old film SLRs. SLR cameras all have interchangeable lenses, and an optical viewfinder that lets you look through the lens and see exactly what the camera will capture when you take a photo.

Canon EOS 80D
Entry-level DSLR, announced over 2 years ago
Canon EOS 80D
Touch screen
Touch screen
Fewer buttons
Learn more about the Canon EOS 80D

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