Interested in one of the best Canon DSLR that shoot HD video? Here we've rounded up all zero DSLR that shoot HD video from Canon. Canon is the only company that makes DSLRs that shoot HD video that we've seen.


Digital SLRs (also called DSLRs) are the digital equivalent of the old film SLRs. SLR cameras all have interchangeable lenses, and an optical viewfinder that lets you look through the lens and see exactly what the camera will capture when you take a photo.

Shoot HD video

Only recently have manufacturers started making DSLRs that shoot video. Most new DSLRs shoot 720p or 1080p HD video. Shooting video with a DSLR is usually not as simple/easy as with a regular digital camera, but the results can look incredible, especially with wide aperture lenses.

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Avatar for jason jason (9:37 PM, December 16, 2014)
anyone think the t1i is worthy of video?
Avatar for Ciro Marco Saggese Ciro Marco Saggese (11:42 AM, September 13, 2014)
what about the 60D?
Avatar for Khaleesi Khaleesi (7:04 PM, June 27, 2014)
SL1 has hybrid cmos af II, wich is better for AF video
Avatar for jospian jospian (8:05 PM, May 16, 2014)
what is the difference between in SL1 & T5i
DeadParrot (4:54 PM, November 04, 2013)
You forgot about Canon 5D ii
jabelone (10:36 AM, October 31, 2013)
Have a look at the panasonic G6 - way better than any of these cameras for video. (except the 1D which shoots 4k) It is also way under $1000.
thelimemind (6:37 PM, August 28, 2013)
I have a T3i and it has been nothing but great.
Avatar for bioglassmusic bioglassmusic (2:53 AM, August 09, 2013)
should I start with the T3i? or T5i?
Cameron (7:59 AM, August 07, 2013)
oooh the 70d gonna be good
Canon Videographer (3:26 AM, July 24, 2013)
KISS X5/600D. -.-"
Avatar for Suresh Kumar G Suresh Kumar G (7:20 AM, April 30, 2013)
Yeah T3i :)
guy (4:23 PM, April 29, 2013)
the t3i = 600d
Avatar for Suresh Kumar G Suresh Kumar G (6:13 PM, April 02, 2013)
You missed 600D that also a great camera