Some cameras can take more than one memory card permitting greater storage. Higher end cameras permit different uses of each slot including placing backup copies of each image on the 2nd card, using it for overflow or splitting the storage of JPEG and RAW files. Typically dual card slots are only found in prosumer and professional SLRs, entry level SLRs tend to have a single slot.

Although many professional DSLRS provide dual CF (compact flash) slots the slow movement of SDHC and now SDXC up the chain is changing that. With SDXC 2TB limit and speed improvements expect to see manufacturers take advantage of SDs tiny footprint to get dual slots in much smaller cameras.

SLRs with Dual Card Slots

The following are some of the best DSLRs with dual card slots

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T Phillips (2:36 PM, August 06, 2014)
What about using one card for video and the other for photos?
Tom (2:23 AM, January 04, 2012)

For sony you might as well just keep an extra card in your pocket because you can only use one at a time.

Sony should ditch memory stick
Peter (1:04 PM, June 05, 2011)
Dual slots are very useful, since you can't lose photos to a bad memory card, but that's not what Sony does. The Sony cameras do have dual slots, but they're useless and degenerate dual slots. You cannot take photos to both cards -- one card is SD, one is MemoryStick, and you pick one or the other in the menu system. The only reason Sony does it is because they refuse to give up on MemoryStick. I would not list this as a feature for the Sonys.