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Largest Pixels
Placeholder The Leica Q-P has the largest pixels of any camera we've seen at 36 µm².

The sensor on the digital camera captures millions of pixels (megapixels) to make up the image. Depending on the number of pixels and the size of the senor each mega pixels will have its own surface area measured in microns. The size of each pixel is important because the larger the area the more light it can gather. More light means less noise, better color and more dynamic range. The pixel size also is a limiting factor to the resolution of your camera - read the education on true resolution to understand why.

Large Pixel Compact Cameras

These digicams have the largest pixels.

Ricoh GR III
from $900
Size Really small Help
Compact (109×62×33 mm)
Autofocus Phase detection autofocus Help
fast and accurate
Thickness Thin Help

Learn more about the Ricoh GR III

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Large Pixel SLRs

The following SLRs have the largest pixels.

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Avatar for rabbit rabbit (9:59 PM, October 12, 2012)
The Nikon D1H has the largest pixels. Why isn't that on this list? Also the D2h has the 2nd largest.