Native Resolution
diagram illustrating the images height and width in pixelsThis small photo at web resolution illustrates the relative size of a image with resolution of 350 pixels wide by 233 pixels high.

The native resolution provides the exact measurements of the image in pixels, width x height. For instance a 4:3 ratio 12MP resolution camera would have a 4000 x 3000 pixels sensor. This number is not significantly important. Most important are the digital camera's sensor size and its resolution performance in the real world.


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Avatar for Tjerja Geerts Tjerja Geerts (5:53 AM, May 07, 2012)
it would be great to see an 'image size calculator' included in the snapsort website next to the camera resolutions. This would for sure help photographers to check if a certain camera can deliver sharp A3, A2 sized images. (Or offer space to crop to smaller if needed). Right now it's difficult to get an understanding if a pixel file of 3500 x 2000 in 300 dpi would be sharp on A4/A3 size for example.

Maybe you can look into this neat convenient feature next to the specs? :)