The professional SLR category is designed for one person in mind: the serious photographer. If you want uncompromising image quality and control this is the class for you. Heavy well-built bodies, weatherproofing, full frame sensors, full external manual control, very high true resolution, fantastic high ISO performance, blazingly fast auto focus and rock solid reliability. These are the tools pros rely on to earn a living in the photography trade and the equipment has to stand up to long-term day to day use. These cameras are capable of producing images that grace the world finest magazines and photography galleries - they are the best digital cameras you can buy. When you're investing in a pro DSLR body you are wasting your money if you don't invest in great lenses to match the bodies capabilities, for that reason a professional DSLR setup can easily exceed $10,000 when you're all said and done including lenses. Those who need a pro DSLR know who they are and most everyone else is likely better served in other areas. That being said if you can afford the best and are one of many serious hobbyists these cameras will get you performance unavailable anywhere else

Snapsort categorizes SLRs as Pro (vs entry level) if they have full-frame sensors and/or large bodies, it also looks at viewfinder size and support for compact-flash as signals.

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