Pro digicams (or compact prosumer cameras) are the kind of camera a serious photographer looks for when they don't want a bulky DSLR. If you're not interested in carrying around a big DSLR bag but still want maximum photographic control and good image quality in a pocketable form - the pro digicam is appealing. Sporting features like raw capture and manual control as well as better thought out physical controls to enhance the utility of the various manual modes. These cameras tend to have wider apertures, larger sensors and higher quality but smaller range zoom lenses. This segment offers cameras designed to serve the movement by enthusiasts to serious compact cameras, these cameras attempt to promote more photographic creativity in small packages by emphasizing the manual options of the camera.

Snapsort's definition of a pro digicam is any fixed-lens camera that has any two of the following three features:

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Snapsort has found 1 recent pro digicam from Sony.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VA
from $979
Sensor size Large sensor Help
Nikon CX 13.2x8.8mm
Aperture Wide aperture Help
True resolution High true resolution Help
20 MP

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