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Some cameras can record movies at much higher frame rates than normal, which is great for recording high speed events such as sports and playing them back slowly to see what really happened. Slowing the video down can add poetry to fast pace events and completely change how you see the event happen. The higher the speed video the more data the camera has to capture and consequently the smaller the video resolution gets. If you want to record at 60fps you some cameras can still shoot HD if you want 100, 200, or even 1000fps slo mo video you'll need to sacrifice the video resolution, often significantly. Slow motion video is an awesome feature to have on your digicam and is just outright cool.

60fps Example

24p Video shot on a Canon 7d at 60fps, detailing how slowing the video down can add a new dimension of creativity and feel to the video.

100fps and 200fps Example

The following video utilizes both 100fps and 200fps high speed footage, showing of the incredible moments you can capture with ultra slow motion video capture.

Best High Speed Video Point and Shoots

The following are the best digicams that shoot high speed video.

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Avatar for Paul Paul (5:27 PM, August 28, 2014)
What about SLRs though?