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24p refers to 24 frames per second. This is highly sought after by video enthusiasts as it helps get that film-look since films are traditionally shot at 24 frames per second. It is often touted as a affordable alternative to shooting film. There are now many digital cameras capable of shooting 24p at both 720p and 1080p full HD. 24p frame rates are the most flexible for converting to other common frame rates (creating DVDs, NTSC TV broadcast and native display on HDTVs).

Advantages of 24p Video

  • For a given bit rate more space is available per frame improving quality
  • Film look is much more aesthetically pleasing
  • Converts well to other formats and can be displayed natively on HDTVs
  • Can be recorded natively to DVDs
  • Post frame-by-frame animating/keying/painting/etc is less expensive with less frames

Disadvantages of 24p Video

  • Does not handle motion as well as faster frame rates - camera panning and subject movement must be considered and coordinated.
  • The film look is not favored by news outlets who prefer a video/reality look that they feel provides more realism.
  • Requires newer video editing software as older software was not setup for 24p.

24p Example

24p Video shot on a Canon 5dMkII.

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Best Digicams that Shoot 24p

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