Some DSLRs do not let you see the photo you are about to take on the screen, instead you have to use the viewfinder. Most modern DSLRs have live view, which lets you see the photo you're about to take on the screen.

Liveview Example

The following image illustrates the difference between a camera that has liveview and that which does not. In this instance the Nikon D80 did not have liveview and was replaced by the D90 which does provide liveview - as you can see the D90 allows you to preview the picture on the LCD without using the viewfinder while the D80 does not. With the D80 the only way to see what you're taking a picture of is to look through the viewfinder.

Nikon D80 vs D90 Live View Capability
photo illustrating the difference between the D80 and D90 liveview mode This illustration demonstrates a camera with and without liveview in this case the Nikon D80 without liveview and the D90 with liveview.

Entry Level SLRs with Live view

The following are some of the best entry level digital SLR cameras that include live view functionality.

Green arrow See more of the top entry level DSLRs with live view


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