Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX100v vs Sony Cybershot TX10

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX100V


Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10



Reasons to buy the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX100v

Large screen
Screen size
High resolution screen
Screen resolution
1,229k dots
OLED Screen
Screen type
Bright and vivid

Reasons to buy the Sony Cybershot TX10

Wide angle
Wide angle lens
25 mm
Really small
Ultra compact (96×56×18 mm)
133 g
Great at the beach


Explore our gallery of 6 sample photos taken by the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX100V.
Explore our gallery of 8 sample photos taken by the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10.


Sony Cybershot DSC-TX100V Competitors

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30



Wide angle Better wide angle
Size Smaller
Screen size Significantly smaller screen
Sony Cybershot DSC-T110

Sony Cybershot T110

Ultra compact

Wide angle Better wide angle
Size Slightly smaller
Screen size Much smaller screen
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9



Wide angle Better wide angle
Lowest price Slightly cheaper
Screen type Doesn't have an OLED screen

Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10 Competitors

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX20



Longest exposure Slightly longer exposures
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30



Screen type Has an OLED screen
Screen size Significantly larger screen
Wide angle Worse wide angle
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

Pro digicam

$798 - $1,048

External mic jack Has an external mic jack
Aperture Wider aperture
Size Much larger


Sony Cybershot DSC-TX100V
Cyber-shot DSC-TX100v

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Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10
Cybershot TX10

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Marychris9 (4:43 PM, February 03, 2012)
no one is talking about the touch screen sensitivity or, lack thereof .  I hesitate to consider either of the 2 sonys due to the many complaints i've seen elsewhere regarding the multiple "touches" required to operate the functions- if they respond at all. 
Goran (3:28 AM, January 26, 2012)
which one is better in terms of video quality/sound & image quality in darker areas? i have watched alot of videos recorded by both camera's on YouTube and it seems to me that the TX10 producers better quality and sound in it's videos then the TX100v. i don't know much about cameras but comparing their stats it seems as though the TX100v should produce better video & images?
Soosis (6:29 PM, July 21, 2011)
in finally which  one take the better pictures??sony tx10 or tx100v?
Soosis (9:12 PM, July 17, 2011)
cast your vote .i want your opinion of comparison between  tx10 and nokia n8.
which one take the better picti guess tx10 is better tx 100v because it has
4 special features.for example waterproof . shockproof.dustproof and freezproof
Soosis Kalbas (1:22 AM, July 13, 2011)
i saw several sample images that taken with sony dsc tx 10 and tx 100v.
i also saw the videos taken them . i think they are similar together and you
can,t see quality differences between them. if somebody is not agree please announce to me.

Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (1:24 PM, July 12, 2011)
Both are great cameras, both are drop proof so they should stand up to the odd fall. I would go with the TX10. 
Soosis Kalbas (6:11 AM, July 12, 2011)
plz help me and tell me about overall wich one is better.because i want to buy one of them but i  dont know ones could i priority is the quality of the pictures and movis .Especially the photos quality is the first rating for me and the second important point is material strength .if suddenly my camera out of my hand i dont like that to be harmed.what is your opinion my freind?what do you recommend?which is better?tx10 or tx100v? make your choice
Soosis Kalbas (5:57 AM, July 12, 2011)
which one is better??
and which one can take better images?
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (4:31 PM, April 25, 2011)
Hi Samantha, you have a good point, a better sensor could make up for the lack of light you'd get with a narrower aperture, although technically with a narrower aperture you'd also get a larger depth of field (e.g. it would be harder to blur the background).

What might be interesting if Snapsort combined the two (the sensor and aperture size) to come up with a rating on how light sensitive a camera could be.
Bryan (9:28 AM, April 24, 2011)
Yeah, I was thinking of the same thing. I've read a lot of reviews saying the low light performance exceeds expectations. You can check out my website to find sample shots
Samantha (6:09 AM, April 21, 2011)
In my opinion, the Very narrow widest aperture size is not really a "con" if it's got Exmor-r sensor in it. I mean, this sensor is significantly more light sensitive, right? So I guess you don't need a wide aperture to get more light. Am I correct?