Updated (August 2011): Compare the Nikon D5100 vs Sony NEX-5N

Sony NEX 5N vs Nikon D5100

Sony NEX-5N


Nikon D5100



Reasons to buy the Sony NEX 5N

Really small
Compact (111×59×38 mm)
Touch screen
Touch screen
Fewer buttons
In-camera panoramas
Stitches together multiple photos into a panorama
Takes 3D photos
View photos in 3D on 3D televisions

Reasons to buy the Nikon D5100

Screen flips out
Flip-out screen
Great for movies
In-camera HDR
Combines multiple exposures
Movie continuous focus
Movie continuous focus
Makes it easy to get in-focus movies


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Nikon D5100.
Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Sony NEX-5N.


Sony NEX-5N Competitors

Sony Alpha a6300

Sony Alpha a6300

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$998 - $1,000 body only

$1,148 with 16-50mm lens

Focus points Many more focus points
Weather sealed Weather sealed
Touch screen No touch screen
Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A6000

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$498 body only

$593 - $648 with 16-50mm lens

Image stabilization Image stabilization
External mic jack Has an external mic jack
3D Doesn't take 3D photos
Sony NEX 5R

Sony NEX 5R

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$500 body only

Focus points More focus points
Dynamic range More dynamic range
Battery life Slightly shorter battery life

Nikon D5100 Competitors

Canon Rebel T3i

Canon Rebel T3i

Entry-level DSLR

$669 body only

$599 with 18-55mm lens

Screen resolution Higher resolution screen
True resolution Slightly higher true resolution
Autofocus Lacks video autofocus
Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300

Entry-level DSLR

$294 body only

$400 - $447 with 18-55mm lens

Panorama Can create panoramas in-camera
True resolution Higher true resolution
HDR Lacks in-camera HDR
Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200

Entry-level DSLR

$249 body only

$309 - $447 with 18-55mm lens

True resolution Higher true resolution
Startup delay Slightly less startup delay
HDR Lacks in-camera HDR


Sony NEX-5N

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Nikon D5100

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Faizan (7:24 AM, October 17, 2012)
Based on your comparison

Overall Total
TOTAL D5100 Score 193.2
TOTAL Nex5N Score 124.1
Difference: 69.1


D5100 Score 100.0
Nex5N Score 20.0
Difference: 80.0

So, if you factor out these 80 points from the overall total - Nex 5N wins hands down by 10.9 points in terms of specs & functionality.

Sometimes I feel that these popularity scores are collected by Nikon fanboy :). Snapsort: Get rid of this popularity crap.
Keathow (6:55 PM, April 10, 2012)

IQ of D5100 is great! i love it!
Avatar for Meraga Abderaouf Meraga Abderaouf (9:16 PM, February 16, 2012)
 in my opinion this comparison isn't true because i've tested the both cameras and the video qualty is quite huge on the nex 5N than the Nikon and also the image qualty and i think too that the Nikon wone here because it has a better manuel setting than the NEX and let us do not forget the "Click...click...'' busines on the sony that it has'nt been resolved intel now by the producers even thier Know about the deal. and Thanks!
Guest (1:50 PM, January 11, 2012)
Popularity is a joke - why use it in the first place? Surely the whole reason you've come here is to get an objective comparison of specs?? Disregarding popularity the NEX 5n wins hands down.
bboy (7:16 AM, December 03, 2011)
From what I've read, the d5100 is much easier to handle because the controls are easily accessible. Also, it has more lenses and accessories available. But if daily means portability to you, I'd go for the NEX-5N.
bboy (7:13 AM, December 03, 2011)
[1] http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1042&message=39205451&changemode=1
bboy (7:12 AM, December 03, 2011)
I am planning to get a d5100 but the comparison on dpreview[1] is disturbing. I really want the d5100. Is IQ really that far off? I'm planning to use it for night photography as a hobby.
TonyCastle (6:45 PM, October 02, 2011)
if size didnt matter, which one is really better for daily photo shooting?