Updated (January 2011): Compare the Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR vs Nikon D3100

Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR vs Nikon D3100






Reasons to buy the Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR

High speed movies
High-speed framerate
320 fps
Image stabilization
Image stabilization
  1. Sensor shift
Flip-out screen
Screen flips out
Great for movies

Reasons to buy the Nikon D3100

Supports 24p
24p movies
For that film look
Color depth
Great color depth
22.5 bits
Movie continuous focus
Movie continuous focus
Makes it easy to get in-focus movies
Live view
Has live view
Preview your photos


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR.
Explore our gallery of 48 sample photos taken by the Nikon D3100.


Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR Competitors


Canon Rebel T3

Entry-level DSLR

Autofocus Faster autofocus
Size Smaller
High-speed framerate Doesn't record high-speed movies

Fujifilm FinePix HS25 EXR

Super zoom

Continuous shooting Shoots slightly faster
Size Slightly larger

Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR

Super zoom

High-speed framerate Higher speed movies
Zoom More zoom
Size Larger

Nikon D3100 Competitors


Nikon D3200

Entry-level DSLR

$675 with 18-55mm lens

Overall image quality Much better image quality
Color depth Better color depth
Lowest price Slightly more expensive

Canon EOS Rebel T5

Entry-level DSLR

$495 with 18-55mm, 75-300mm lenses

Screen resolution Higher resolution screen
True resolution Higher true resolution
Overall image quality Significantly worse image quality

Canon Rebel T3

Entry-level DSLR

Battery life Longer battery life
Viewfinder size Slightly larger viewfinder
Overall image quality Significantly worse image quality


FinePix HS20 EXR

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Report a correction

Showing 8 comments

Piet Beryl (1:09 PM, December 05, 2011)
How does the Fuji Finepix HS20 compare to the Nikon P80?
Janseen (2:03 PM, October 07, 2011)
why snapsort are not displaying the image quality, color depth, shutter lag, start up lag on Fujifilm HS20 EXR
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (0:50 PM, February 17, 2011)
Hi Elwood, we do think we have the sensor size correct, its 6.4 x 4.8mm. If someone thinks thats incorrect, we'd be happy to do some double checking, or change the value. The issue I think is that Snapsort takes the actual sensor size (6.4x4.8) and then labels that as one of 1/3.6, 1/2.5, 1/1.7 etc, and really it needs to be more granular, and include 1/2.3 etc as a label.

Yes I believe the HS20 does have a new style of backlit CMOS sensor, at the moment we don't factor that into our calculations. We'll look into that some more and consider adding it - hopefully its not just a marketing ploy :)

Good call on the ISO Boost, that doesn't make much sense.

Snapsort is actually a comparison tool, allowing you to compare any two cameras, for example you can compare the HS20 vs the Nikon D5000.
Elwoodblues (5:29 AM, February 17, 2011)
I can understand being able to calculate MP based on sensor size and known technologies. But, how can you calculate the MP of the camera when you state that you don't think you have the sensor size correct?

Also. Doesn't this camera feature the new style of 'backlit' CMOS senor? and fuji claims it orients the sensor pixels at a 45 degree angle. Does this change any of the variables in your calculation?

You also report the Fuji has no 'ISO boost' where Fuji's website says the HS20 has the same high ISO rating as the Nikon D3100

Lastly: This isn't exactly a 'apple to apple' comparison. I really think comparing the HS20 to Nikons D500 would be a much more appropriate comparison. .
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (4:04 AM, February 10, 2011)
Hi Ron, thanks for the comment. I agree with you that its hard to compare these two, and it would be more fair if we gave the D3100 a lens before comparing.

I do think we have the sensor sizes correct, and that the D3100's sensor is indeed 11.5x bigger. You're right, the Fuji is a 16mp camera, Snapsort actually calculates a true resolution (limited by sensor size) and compares that, that we it avoids saying cameras are better just because they have higher megapixels.

Higher megapixels in small sensors don't actually increase detail.
Ron (3:55 AM, February 10, 2011)
If you compare, you must be good compare, thirst de sensor is not 15x times bigger from the 3100,second the 3100 is only smaller because of his lens,you can not compare it because the fuji has 30x zoom, the 3100 none, if this one has a 30x zoom lens,it would be not possible to take it with you! third, de fuji has 16 MP and not 10 as you say, this is a very bad compare and its not possible to compare these two because of the very different between these two camera's and they have a very different buyer group
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (6:45 PM, January 10, 2011)
Heh, Snapsort calculates a true resolution based on the sensor size, basically we don't believe the Fuji takes higher resolution photos than the D3100, in fact, we believe the opposite, because the D3100's sensor is 12.5x larger. Snapsort does have 16mp listed on the specs page.
Looking_for_perfection (5:58 PM, January 10, 2011)
All the web is written 16MP for the Fuji ? What the !?