Updated (August 2010): Compare the Canon EOS 60D vs Sony SLT-A55

Sony SLT A55 vs Canon EOS 60D

Sony SLT-A55


Canon EOS 60D



Reasons to buy the Sony SLT A55

Wide dynamic range
Dynamic range
12.4 EV
Large viewfinder
Viewfinder size
Image stabilization
Image stabilization
  1. Sensor shift
Rapid fire
Continuous shooting
10 fps

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 60D

Supports 24p
24p movies
For that film look
Startup delay
Almost no delay when powering up
400 ms startup delay
Great viewfinder
Battery life
Great battery life
1100 shots


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 60D.
Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Sony SLT-A55.


Sony SLT-A55 Competitors

Sony SLT A58

Sony SLT A58

Entry-level DSLR

$498 with 18-55mm lens

Supports 24p Supports 24p
Battery life Longer battery life
3D Doesn't take 3D photos
Sony SLT A57

Sony SLT A57

Entry-level DSLR

$548 with 18-55mm lens

Supports 24p Supports 24p
Continuous shooting Shoots faster
GPS No built-in GPS
Sony SLT-A65

Sony SLT A65

Entry-level DSLR

$866 with 18-55mm lens

Supports 24p Supports 24p
Shutter lag Less shutter lag
Startup delay Much more startup delay

Canon EOS 60D Competitors

Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D


$799 - $999 body only

$1,019 - $1,099 with 18-55mm lens

Autofocus Video autofocus
HDR Has in-camera HDR
Startup delay More startup delay
Canon Rebel T5i

Canon Rebel T5i

Entry-level DSLR

$482 - $649 body only

$579 - $649 with 18-55mm lens

HDR Has in-camera HDR
Touch screen Has a touch screen
Color depth Worse color depth
Canon Rebel T3i

Canon Rebel T3i

Entry-level DSLR

$459 body only

$599 with 18-55mm lens

Size Smaller
Weight Lighter
Startup delay Much more startup delay


Advantages of the Canon 60D

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Supports 24p
Supports 24p
Yes vs No
Get that real film feel
Has an optical viewfinder
Pentaprism vs Digital
Optical viewfinders save battery life and are more detailed
Lens availability
Much more lenses available
220 lenses vs 126 lenses
More than 70% more lenses available
Battery life
Significantly longer battery life
1100 shots vs 330 shots
Around 3.5x more shots per battery charge
Startup delay
Significantly less startup delay
400 ms vs 900 ms
2.2x less delay when turning on
Screen resolution
Higher resolution screen
1,040k dots vs 921k dots
More than 10% higher resolution screen
Cross type focus points
More cross-type focus points
9 vs 3
Grab focus in difficult situations
Significantly thinner
3.1" vs 3.3"
Around 10% thinner
True resolution
Slightly higher true resolution
17.9 MP vs 16 MP
Capture more than 10% more detail in your photos
Fastest shutter speed
Much faster max shutter speed
1/8000s vs 1/4000s
2x faster max shutter speed
Canon EOS 60D Learn more about
the Canon 60D

Advantages of the Sony SLT A55

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Takes 3D photos
Yes vs No
Combines multiple photos into a 3D image
Video autofocus
Phase detection vs None
Automatically focuses shooting video
Dynamic range
More dynamic range
12.4 EV vs 11.5 EV
1.2 f-stops more dynamic range
Has in-camera HDR
Yes vs No
Combines multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range
Image stabilization
Image stabilization
  1. Sensor shift
vs None
Helps eliminate blur caused by small camera movements
Viewfinder size
Significantly larger viewfinder
0.72x vs 0.59x
Around 50% larger viewfinder
Can create panoramas in-camera
Yes vs No
Stitches together multiple photos for a wide perspective
Overall image quality
Better image quality
73.0 vs 66.0
More than 10% better image quality
Continuous shooting
Shoots much faster
10 fps vs 5.3 fps
Around 90% faster continuous shooting
Color depth
Better color depth
23 bits vs 22.2 bits
Distinguishes 0.8 more bits of color
Has a GPS
Yes vs No
Automatically geotags your photos when traveling
Shutter lag
Less shutter lag
220 ms vs 253 ms
More than 10% less delay when taking photos
Light sensitivity
Better maximum light sensitivity
12,800 ISO vs 6,400 ISO
The SLT A55's maximum light sensitivity is 2 f-stops better
124×92×85 mm vs 145×106×79 mm
More than 20% smaller
Focus points
Slightly more focus points
15 vs 9
Set focus accurately within the frame
Significantly lighter
500 g vs 755 g
More than 30% lighter
Light sensitivity (boost)
Better boost ISO
25,600 ISO vs 12,800 ISO
The SLT A55's boost ISO is 2 f-stops better
Lowest price
Slightly cheaper
$532.96 vs $699.00
The best price we've seen is $166 cheaper (more than 20% less)
Sony SLT-A55 Learn more about
the Sony SLT A55


Which camera do we recommend? Relative to the best recent DSLRs, and ignoring price

Snapsort Recommends
Canon EOS 60D Canon EOS 60D 63
        You save
        72 Sony SLT A55 Sony SLT-A55
              You save


              Compared to recent DSLRs

              Common Strengths
              Screen flips out Flip-out screens Help
              Great for movies
              Common Weaknesses
              Built-in focus motor No focus motor Help
              Won't autofocus with all lenses
              Thickness Quite thick Help
              SLT A553.3"
              Storage slots Fewer storage slots Help
              Weather sealed Neither is weather sealed Help
              Need to shelter it from weather
              Focus points Few focus points Help
              SLT A5515
              True resolution Capture low resolution images Help
              60D17.9 MP
              SLT A5516 MP
              Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
              60D6,400 ISO
              SLT A5512,800 ISO
              Touch screen No touchscreens Help
              More buttons
              Screen size Very small screens Help
              Overall image quality Low image quality Help
              SLT A5573.0
              Low light performance Above average noise at high ISO Help
              60D813 ISO
              SLT A55816 ISO




              Sony SLT-A55 Canon EOS 60D
              Sony SLT-A55 Canon EOS 60D
              Sony SLT-A55 Canon EOS 60D


              Sony SLT-A55
              SLT A55

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              Canon EOS 60D
              EOS 60D

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              Showing 15 comments

              kenny (0:34 AM, December 22, 2011)
              Okay! people The SLT A55v it's in a class of it's own... like the bugatti veyronIt does everything you can imagine and brings them to life 3D for real.....  The only problem is it's better them the others and there not happy... but I LMFAO For the people how doesn't like  what Sony's doing well this is what I say; YOU CAN'T STOP TECHNOLOGY IT'S GONNA  EVOLVE WITH OR WITHOUT YOU....And stop criticizing  what you don't understand.... we all have our own opinion on thing respect my opinion an I'll respect yours it's just that simple.ANYWAY'S THE A55 IT'S AMAZING  ALOT OF FUN, BE CAREFUL YOU CAN GET VERY VERY ATTACHED ..... AND THE CANON IT'S REALLY REALLY COOL I HAD THE CHANCE TO PLAY WITH IT...  BUT OVER ALL I LIKE SONY BEST  JUST MY OPINION!  
              Marco K.L.Choi (0:29 PM, July 16, 2011)
              I think the Canon just won that is the popular brand only!
              Avatar for Niall M Niall M (9:59 AM, July 01, 2011)
              My wife has a 60D and I have the Sony SLT A55 - both are good but the Sony is better for video and the Canon has a slight edge in resolution. Sony is lighter and more compact. Canon is more chunky. Sony has a viewfinder image at all times, which is great for video in bright places where the Canon screen becomes unusable....and has faster frames per second and more efficient video compression... So a bit of six and a half dozen which is better... depends what you are doing with it.
              Avatar for Niall M Niall M (9:54 AM, July 01, 2011)
              How about selling your cameras and giving the money to a good cause instead of letting them collect dust? This posting is definitely the dumbest thing I have read on this site, and that's saying something, because MOST of the posts are unbelievably banal.
              Lamboram (8:28 AM, May 10, 2011)
              This is what i call Acceptance to change.. Sony has brought in a new technology challenging enough to overtake to accuracy and quality of market leaders. Now don't get me wrong, apart from still photos and videos[Which SLT-A55 does the best], it has many other things Panorama, 3D, light weight, still 92 different lenses to select from, HDR, better stabilization and more.. Now I agree Canon's are the kings of business for years, but people its time for the change. Wait for couple of more months, Sony is revealing the A77, the next generation SLTs.. Canon and Nikon should be ready to face that.. I have tried Nikon D7000, Canon 60D and SLT A55.. I m not saying Sony is the best, but its an overall Camera.. I m buying one, cuz its not compromising the image quality nor my budget !!!
              Andrek60 (11:27 PM, April 26, 2011)
              If you're relying on a piece of technology to get incentive to be creative, then you're a sad sad man. Incentive comes from within
              Antoiuckristian (4:58 PM, April 13, 2011)
              CANON IS THE BEST!!!! ALL THE WAY))
              Antoiuckristian (4:57 PM, April 13, 2011)
              I completly agree with you))) I have got Canon eos 60d It's Great Camera!!!
              Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (3:13 PM, March 19, 2011)
              Hi Deo, thanks for checking out the site.

              What happened here is we made categories for the cameras BEFORE Sony created this new line of SLT cameras, and we haven't yet made a category just for them, so we put them with the mirrorless cameras instead of the DSLR cameras, though I agree they are neither mirrorless nor DSLRs.
              Deo (2:03 PM, March 19, 2011)
              THIS IS BS, this review should not be taken with a grain of salt, the A55 is not a mirrorless camera, idiots....
              Louis (6:44 PM, January 12, 2011)
              I have minolta 7,sony a300,a500 which I hardly use,so still I'm hoping for a camera that will give me
              the incetive to go out and shoot. Maybe the sony a55t will give me that goal. I am considering buying it and hoping it will not connect dust in my closit.
              Tama (2:20 PM, January 02, 2011)
              For those who thinks that the new Sony cameras comes from the scratch, just one thing, you are totally wrong. Sony bought years ago one of top Japan brand specialized in the camera market, which one? Konica Minolta. I'm a regular user of Konica minolta cameras and all my old lenses works with this new "non reflex" cameras, that have a new system of translucent mirror. So, finally, yes Canon is the new King but Sony made its own movements to reclaim its natural position on the market.
              Skippdill (0:33 PM, December 26, 2010)
              what a ridiculous argument to support canon.sony makes world class video cameras for years
              Avatar for Mark Feeney Mark Feeney (2:14 PM, November 12, 2010)
              Agreed that Canon is much better known for their cameras than Sony. However, to be fair, Canon also makes lots of stuff: printers, calculators, scanners, projectors, security systems, binoculars, etc.
              The Don (10:21 AM, November 12, 2010)
              canon 60D all the way... come on, its a canon, they specialise in cameras... sony makes everything... jack of all trades is master of none