Canon PowerShot SX50 HS vs Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR

Canon PowerShot SX50 HS


Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR



Reasons to buy the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

24p movies
Supports 24p
For that film look
High speed movies
High-speed framerate
240 fps
Image stabilization
Image stabilization
  1. Lens
CMOS Sensor
Sensor type
Better in low light

Reasons to buy the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR

Screen resolution
High resolution screen
920k dots
High-speed framerate
High speed movies
480 fps
External mic jack
External mic jack
Record higher quality audio with a microphone
Battery life
Great battery life
500 shots


Explore our gallery of 8 sample photos taken by the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS.
Explore our gallery of 13 sample photos taken by the Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR.


Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Competitors

Samsung WB1100F

Samsung WB1100F

Super zoom


Aperture Wider aperture
Screen size Larger screen
Sensor type Has a CCD-family sensor
Fujifilm FinePix HS30 EXR

Fujifilm FinePix HS30 EXR

Super zoom

Battery life Much longer battery life
Aperture Wider aperture
Image stabilization Worse image stabilization
Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

Canon PowerShot SX540 HS

Super zoom

$320 - $399

Screen size Larger screen
Size Slightly smaller
Screen flips out Screen does not flip out

Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR Competitors

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V

Super zoom


Size Smaller
Battery life Much shorter battery life
Fujifilm X-S1

Fujifilm X-S1

Pro digicam


Sensor size Larger sensor
True resolution Slightly higher true resolution
Autofocus Slower autofocus
Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR

Fujifilm FinePix HS20 EXR

Super zoom


Light sensitivity Better maximum light sensitivity
Size Smaller
Autofocus Slower autofocus


Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
PowerShot SX50 HS

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Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR
FinePix HS50EXR

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Showing 25 comments

Avatar for Avendito Avendito (8:09 AM, July 01, 2015)
Just look at the SCORE calculation ... There are two things which make SX50 superior than HS50 :
1. popularity ... it should not have counted for both
2. The image quality ... there HS50 image quality is not counted, while the SX50 is calculated.

If both of these are ignored, its Score will be SX50 = 148 (65%) vs. HS50 = 167.2 (73%)
jonathan (10:31 PM, April 08, 2015)
I only go on this site to see specs on cameras
Avatar for nickmeister nickmeister (1:38 PM, December 28, 2014)
Guys, let's get real. At the end of the day a camera is about PICTURE QUALITY, and that's where the Fuji falls on it's face...HARD (poor coloration, poor image grain, and focus problems being at the top). Plus, what's not being stated here is that the Canon can run third-party software like "Magic Lantern" which turns the SX50HS into a completely different animal free of it's manufacturer-set constraints on ISO, shutter speed, etc, etc. Additionally, the Canon is supported by DxO Lab's OpticsPro software whereas the Fuji is not. Sorry fanboys, Fuji fooked up here...
Peter Tug (11:51 AM, November 15, 2014)
you must be joking for a start I don't know where you got your prices from but HS50EXR £765 go to ebay or Amazon £250 - £300 new and it shoots RAW ISO 12800 Hot shoe for EXTERNAL FLASH plus other features SORRY NOT GOING TO WASTE ANY MORE OF MY TIME ON THIS SITE !!! WHAT A LOAD OF TOSH
Snotman (3:46 PM, September 26, 2014)
HS50exr now available on for only £219.99 delivered.
Needless to say I've just bought one!
20thcenturyfilmdocs (7:16 AM, March 12, 2014)
Yes, I was leaning toward the Powershot, but shooting video in 24 fps, whateves...and the Fuji clearly has more functions/options, and the ext. mic jack is critical for my work, it's rare to see it on a bridge camera. I do NOT like the video in autofocus mode though, it does flutter-focus a lot in low light...but again, just put it in manual mode and it works great. There are very very few problems with the HS50 EXR
20thcenturyfilmdocs (7:12 AM, March 12, 2014)
If it's too loud, go to the menu and adjust the mic gain's preset at 3, but in very loud environments, setting it to 2 helps. Also, this is one of the VERY few bridge cameras with an external mic jack, so if you can, invest in an external'll love the results
Gustavo (3:51 PM, February 22, 2014)
Cuando estuve por comprar una cámara super zoom busqué comparaciones en google, y siempre snapsort se ubicaba en primer lugar. Sorprendentemente la Canon sx50 derrotaba a la competencia fácilmente.
Los comentarios de usuarios que aqui postean no pueden estar tan equivocados en su mayoria, es vergonzosa esta comparación.
Finalmente compré la Panasonic fz70 no porque fuera mejor sino porque negué a la Canon.
Para poner un ejemplo final, si Canon sx50 derrota a Fuji XS-1, 100 a 66, esto es una página web de fotografía?

When I was to buy a super-zoom camera comparisons searched google and snapsort always stood first. Surprisingly the Canon sx50 easily defeated the competition.
The comments of users are posting here can not be so wrong in their majority, this comparison is shameful.
I finally bought the Panasonic fz70 not because I was better but because they refused to Canon.
To take one final example, if Canon sx50 defeat Fuji XS-1, 100 to 66, this is a photography website?
Avatar for Edgar Mauroza Edgar Mauroza (3:24 AM, January 29, 2014)
I own both cameras. how come that the canon sx50hs have higher score, when the fujifilm hs50exr is almost 2 times better. only a few things on the canon are better. if this was a boxing match, the fujifilm will knock out the canon on the second round. if this was a nba game the score should be 122 fujifilm vs 17 canon. and how you "SNAPSORT" get to the conclusion of 100 points to canon and 74 to fujifilm????? are you getting paid by canon or you never compare them in real life? if you use both, you WILL change the score to "CANON 65 VS FUJIFILM 92" But it is impossible for the canon to score 100 points. unless $$ money is involved. Thank You.
Avatar for karl karl (11:12 AM, January 07, 2014)
The fuji wins hands down for me.
Avatar for kamal kamal (4:30 PM, January 02, 2014)
Based on all of your comments and support for Fuji HS50, I bought one. I am a beginner and would say this is my First Camera. Did find little challenging for the first 2-3 days. but now things are improving and I am getting Happier every day. Still not able to get the best shot. here are some of my snaps, all still.
will keep uploading new ones. All the photos are hand held and no use of tripod.
I know these are not the best shots, but looking to the fact that its my first time with Camera(NO photography background all buzz words are new to me Aperture,Shutter,ISO,etc.) and my shaking hand, this looks good to me.

hope this helps some.
Avatar for manu tewari manu tewari (7:02 AM, December 31, 2013)
Paulo, I agree with the points stated. I have a Canon SX 50 but I am not very content. I plan to move on to Fuji now. I have used it and its more comfortable in manual specially the zoom. Though I haven't tested the Macro I guess that should be at the back foot.
Borg (11:54 AM, September 28, 2013)
Well, as I said, if it is not a lie, then it is even worse. I think you should contact Canon and send them this link, they will surely reward you for being so unrealistic and biased. Also, instead of being stubborn listen to professionals all over the world who clearly favor FujiFilm. Even this comments section would be enough for anyone reasonable to correct the final result in favor of FujiFilm. I do not own any of these cameras, but plan to buy FujiFilm soon, after dozens of reviews by professional photographers. So really, even if you earn from AdSense, you will lose in the long run. For example I now do not open at all snapsort in Google search results because I know they are useless. If your results were realistic I would keep coming back for comparing the cameras. As a matter of fact even now I am here by chance, noticed my comment so I am replying now. Generally I am avoiding your site after this comparison.
BlueBook (1:57 AM, September 23, 2013)
Disregarding popularity-bias, and basing comparison on important specs, using the snapsort comparison scoring categories, here are the adjusted results.
#1 Sony HX300 100 pts
#2 Fujifilm HS50 EXR 99 pts
#3 Fujifilm SL1000 98 pts
#4 Canon SX50 91 pts
#5 Nikon P520 90 pts

If more advanced features were included in scoring, and process speed, Fujifilm HS50 would legitimately stand well above the rest. Thank you Snapsort for helping to keep the price of the HS50 as low as it is for me.
Avatar for Bonno Mehran Bonno Mehran (3:28 AM, August 14, 2013)
come on guyz...... how come the fuji hs50exr loose ? are you guys drunk ?
Avatar for hlino007 hlino007 (8:51 PM, August 06, 2013)
ha ha ha fujifilm hs50 exr is best!!!!!
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (7:00 PM, July 28, 2013)
Whats a big lie borg? We make money through advertising (such as Google adsense) and affiliates such as
borg (1:29 AM, July 27, 2013)
Its obviously big lie. If it is not its even worse, you are making your site ridiculous for free. Ah, btw, Fuji is better.
Avatar for Paddy3118 Paddy3118 (3:43 PM, July 26, 2013)
Let me see ... That is six points in favour of the Canon and 13 in favour of the Fuji. AND YET THE FUJI LOOSES??!?!
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (3:26 PM, July 25, 2013)
Hi Jderrico, we're not crying, and we don't get any money from any manufacturers.
jderrico (2:29 PM, July 25, 2013)
Hey Snapsort, if you think you had to lie and cheat to make the Canon sx50 seem better than the Fujifilm HS50, what in the world are you going to do when the Panasonic 60X zoom FZ70 comes out in early September 2013. You must be really crying in your beer right about now. Panasonic is going to be the king of the superzoom roost, and Canon is going to expect you to do your best to make it seem like Canon is still on top. Wow! I don't envy you your job. You may have to give some of Canon's money back. TTFN
nik (9:27 PM, June 07, 2013)
Also much longer battery life and a high res screen.
Paulo (0:37 PM, May 11, 2013)
You clearly has ever had any Fuji HS series in your hands..
- the ZOOM is not motor driven. Rather, it is manual and rely on a fully mechanical ZOOM ring - what you'll only see in dSLR OR on the Fuji S series and HS series. Also, THE HS spots a connection for external microphones.
- 42 to 50x ZOOM difference isn't quite a drawback. Unless you're a PI, like astronomy or really trying to find reasons to minimize Fuji qualities.
If you think the HS is heavy or bulky, I can think of three possibilities You have never seen /touched a dSLR cam
You only use your camera (if you have any) using full auto
You may be a lady - although I know many who operate the 5D mkiii and haven't complained about weight or dimensions.
- about "color rendition", please... HS series are HIGHLY configurable, maybe auto mode is the only you know. I won't even ask about Adobe Light Room.
The ZOOM isn't jerky. Operators sometimes (specially amateur photographers) have poor skills.
Try testing a camera before writing comments based on reviews made by amateurs,that you read.

Avatar for Alberto Morganti Alberto Morganti (6:51 PM, April 11, 2013)
I made a movie with both cameras, just to compare them and in the same wind conditions, Fujifilm was much noisy (because of wind). Maybe my hand is Jerky (even if I'm 32 y.o. and I have no Parkinson problems), but it's strange that it's jerky only with Fujifilm and not with Canon. I'm not owner of both Cameras, but I had the possibility to test them both.
mickeyg (2:42 PM, April 09, 2013)
maybe you are using the wrong camera too make a movie ,and ALL light winds soundlike storms ,it has a manual zoom , so maybe your hand is Jerky ?? and you own both Cameras ?