Canon EOS 6D vs Sony A7

Canon EOS 6D


Sony A7



Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 6D

Great battery life
Battery life
980 shots
Built-in GPS
Great for travel

Reasons to buy the Sony A7

Really small
Standard size (127×94×48 mm)
Screen flips out
Flip-out screen
Great for movies
Movie continuous focus
Movie continuous focus
Makes it easy to get in-focus movies


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 6D.


Canon EOS 6D Competitors

Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D

Entry-level DSLR

$999 body only

$945 - $1,049 with 18-55mm lens

Touch screen Has a touch screen
Screen flips out Has a flip-out screen
GPS No built-in GPS
Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III


$2,349 body only

$2,599 - $3,062 with 24-105mm lens

Screen size Significantly larger screen
Viewfinder coverage Significantly better viewfinder coverage
GPS No built-in GPS
Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 5D Mark II


$2,404 with 24-105mm lens

Shutter lag Less shutter lag
Viewfinder coverage Better viewfinder coverage
GPS No built-in GPS

Sony A7 Competitors

Sony Alpha a6300

Sony Alpha a6300

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$798 body only

$898 with 16-50mm lens

High-speed framerate Records high-speed movies
Focus points Many more focus points
Screen resolution Lower resolution screen
Sony Alpha 7 II

Sony Alpha 7 II

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$1,210 - $1,398 body only

$1,598 with 28-70mm lens

Image stabilization Image stabilization
Autofocus Faster autofocus
Size Larger
Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A6000

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$444 - $448 body only

$525 - $548 with 16-50mm lens

Image stabilization Image stabilization
Size Smaller
Weather sealed No weather sealing


Canon EOS 6D

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Sony A7

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Showing 7 comments

Mike (6:01 AM, March 09, 2016)
Why do you always list in the common weakness that "neither provide" tilt swivel screen. While the Sony may not swivel, it DOES tilt.
You should also list the lack of Sony lenses as "native" lenses, since the Sony can take an adapted Canon lens. The reverse however isn't possible, so ACTUALLY you can use MORE lenses on the Sony. (let's at least be honest here).
Mike (5:54 AM, March 09, 2016)
Um, how do you compare color output when you set cameras to AUTO WHITE BALANCE and shoot a green/brown subject ?
and that's the FIRST part of the comparison...

Then he goes on to say how horrible the colors are compared to the "as it should be" of the Canon. I don't remember EVER seeing the bottom of a palm tree with leaves THAT YELLOW. (or that over exposed). Sony colors have ALWAYS been more true than Canon. Canon may be more aesthetically pleasing, but softening color profiles to make it "look better" isn't necessarily what you want. Some people NEED true colors to be represented, Canon just doesn't do that.

THEN why don't we test corner sharpness on a NON-NATIVE ADAPTED LENS on the Sony Compared to the Canon with a Canon lens... You KNOW that adapter isn't going to change the results in the slightest.

Sorry, at least link to a REAL comparison...
Avatar for Jon-Paul Jones Jon-Paul Jones (11:47 AM, September 10, 2015)
That was the most unfair and useless review ever. He used native lenses on all cameras but the Sony, and then blamed Sony. For a fair review use the exact same lens on all cameras. He didn't show the results of the Leica lens on a Canon Why? or use brand specific lenses
Sunday (6:48 PM, November 30, 2014)
Hmm, a Ken Rockwell review. I certainly would not consider it trustworthy. The guy is quite cockeyed.
CameraGuy (7:45 AM, May 14, 2014)
I have to violently disagree with Snapsort's analysis here. I have both cameras and the a7 is superior to the 6D in almost every aspect except ergonomics and available lenses. This is not the first time I see such a weird conclusion from Snapsort, makes you wonder what really goes into the decision of who is the "winner", how they are picked, and if this site has credibility to come up with such conclusions.
Dee Baggé 2.0 (guest) (3:08 AM, April 15, 2014)

All about real life application. Just like a car, it may look good on paper, but if it doesn't drive nice who cares?

(5dIII and 6d have same image sensors)
Dee Bagge (0:09 AM, March 30, 2014)
I really don't get how you score here. I kept seeing Sony's and Pentax's beat the crap out of Canon in terms of photo quality, dynamic range, and color depth yet each time you pick a Canon. I guess a few dollars of advertising on your website can go a long way.