Sony SLT A65 vs Canon EOS 650D

Sony SLT-A65


Canon EOS 650D



Reasons to buy the Sony SLT A65

Full HD
Movie format
1080p @ 60fps
Great color depth
Color depth
23.4 bits
Wide dynamic range
Dynamic range
12.6 EV
Large viewfinder
Viewfinder size

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 650D

Touch screen
Touch screen
Fewer buttons
Startup delay
Almost no delay when powering up
700 ms startup delay
Phase detection autofocus
fast and accurate
In-camera HDR
Combines multiple exposures


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 650D.
Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Sony SLT-A65.


Sony SLT-A65 Competitors

Sony SLT A58

Sony SLT A58

Entry-level DSLR

$598 - $599 with 18-55mm lens

Startup delay Much less startup delay
Lowest price Much cheaper
Screen size Much smaller screen
Sony SLT-A77

Sony SLT A77


$800 body only

$1,698 with 16-50mm lens

Weather sealed Weather sealed
Overall image quality Better image quality
Startup delay More startup delay
Sony SLT A57

Sony SLT A57

Entry-level DSLR

$900 with 18-135mm lens

Continuous shooting Shoots significantly faster
Low light performance Slightly lower noise at high ISO
True resolution Much lower true resolution

Canon EOS 650D Competitors

Canon EOS 700D

Canon EOS 700D

Entry-level DSLR

$505 with 18-55mm lens

Autofocus Faster video autofocus
Lowest price Much cheaper
Low light performance Slightly more noise at high ISO
Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D

Entry-level DSLR

$379 body only

Color depth Better color depth
Lowest price Much cheaper
Screen resolution Much lower resolution screen
Canon EOS 600D

Canon EOS 600D

Entry-level DSLR

$702 body only

$1,101 with 18-55mm lens

Color depth Better color depth
Dynamic range More dynamic range
Autofocus Lacks video autofocus


Sony SLT-A65

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Canon EOS 650D
EOS 650D

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Avatar for Tumanbay Tumanbay (5:36 AM, September 08, 2012)
I have the A65 and i must admit that the flip out screen in the A65 is a bit awkward when using it because it is flipping down and not like the Canon to the side. Because when filming/ still shooting it is impossible to "self-shooting" when the A65 i placed on a tripod cause its screen is flipping downwards! So guys have this in mind because I really miss, wish it was like the Canon 500,550,650 etc in right this point. But in many other ways A65 still has significantly better features than 650D