Nikon D810 vs Canon EOS 5DS

Nikon D810


Canon EOS 5DS



Reasons to buy the Nikon D810

Full HD
Movie format
1080p @ 60fps
Movie continuous focus
Movie continuous focus
Makes it easy to get in-focus movies
Great battery life
Battery life
1200 shots
More storage slots
Storage slots

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 5DS

True resolution
High true resolution
50.3 MP
Great viewfinder
Interchangeable lenses
Interchangeable lenses
Many lenses to choose from


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Nikon D810.


Nikon D810 Competitors

Nikon D750

Nikon D750


$1,149 - $1,421 body only

$1,719 - $1,797 with 24-120mm lens

Screen flips out Has a flip-out screen
Continuous shooting Shoots significantly faster
True resolution Much lower true resolution

Nikon Z6


$1,997 - $2,147

Focus points Many more focus points
Continuous shooting Shoots much faster
Viewfinder Has a digital viewfinder

Nikon Z7


$3,049 - $3,397

Focus points Many more focus points
Screen resolution Much higher resolution screen
Viewfinder Has a digital viewfinder

Canon EOS 5DS Competitors

Nikon D610

Nikon D610


$944 - $1,497 body only

$1,890 - $2,447 with 28-300mm lens

Storage slots Has more storage slots
Continuous shooting Shoots faster
True resolution Much lower true resolution
Nikon D810A

Nikon D810A

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$4,659 body only

Battery life Significantly longer battery life
Screen resolution Higher resolution screen
Viewfinder Doesn't have a through-the-lens viewfinder
Canon EOS 5DS R

Canon EOS 5DS R


$2,118 - $3,699 body only

$2,272 with 50mm lens

Lowest price More expensive


Nikon D810

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Canon EOS 5DS

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Avatar for Enrique Samson Enrique Samson (1:56 AM, August 10, 2017)
I have to say I own a D810 after a couple of years and I just borrowed a 5DS today for a shoot (architectural). The anti-aliasing filter was a disaster. I lost all the nice sharpness in the building details that I'm used to with my Nikon D810. And we were using really nice glass with the Canon. I'll have to reshoot. First and last time using a Canon.
Avatar for CARLOS FINE ART CARLOS FINE ART (1:57 PM, April 29, 2017)
I have been doing photography for 39 years, in my opinion, Nikon is a superior product to Canon. I shot for many years with Canon, and I changed to Nikon after 30 years with Canon. Nikon produces a much better quality product than Canon.
If you compare an Acura vehicle with a Ford vehicle Acura will always come up on top; the same is true when you compare Nikon with Canon.
Avatar for solomonshv solomonshv (7:59 PM, February 25, 2016)
that's because Nikon IS the undisputed winner. canon camera's of late all fucking suck, without exception. the 6D could have been good if they didn't gimp the autofocus system. 5Ds and 5Ds R max out at 12.5 Evs of dynamic ranger and the color depth is only about 24.5 bits on both.

i got rid of my 5Dm3 and just got A7r II with the metabones T adapter.
Avatar for Noah Stephens Noah Stephens (6:07 AM, December 03, 2015)
Or maybe... Nikon makes better cameras.
Avatar for Cipher Cipher (6:00 PM, November 27, 2015)
I think Nikon pay this website a lot! Every time i compare a canon dslr with nikon, then Nikon is always the undisputed winner. Lol.. fake website
Avatar for Rahul Zota Rahul Zota (7:44 AM, October 12, 2015)
I have processed the RAW files of both cameras and I find the image quality of the 5DSR to be superior than D810.
Avatar for baaaeh baaaeh (9:52 PM, February 15, 2015)
Can't wait to see the image quality and ISO measurements for the 5Ds.