Canon EOS 6D vs Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 6D


Canon EOS 5D Mark III



Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 6D

Built-in GPS
Great for travel
Great viewfinder
Interchangeable lenses
Interchangeable lenses
Many lenses to choose from

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Screen size
Large screen
Shutter lag
Barely any delay taking photos
120 ms shutter lag
Storage slots
More storage slots
Fastest shutter speed
Fast shutter speed
1/8000 of a second


Explore our gallery of 49 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.
Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 6D.


Canon EOS 6D Competitors


Canon EOS RP


$1,299 - $1,699

Focus points Many more focus points
Touch screen Has a touch screen
Viewfinder Has a digital viewfinder

Canon EOS R


$1,994 - $2,299

Focus points Many more focus points
Screen resolution Much higher resolution screen
Viewfinder Has a digital viewfinder
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


$2,219 - $2,999 body only

$2,558 - $3,899 with 24-105mm lens

Screen resolution Significantly higher resolution screen
Screen size Significantly larger screen
GPS No built-in GPS

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Competitors

Nikon D750

Nikon D750


$1,149 - $1,297 body only

$1,797 with 24-120mm lens

Screen flips out Has a flip-out screen
Screen resolution Higher resolution screen
Focus points Fewer focus points

Sony a6400

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens

$898 body only

$971 - $998 with 16-50mm lens

Focus points Many more focus points
Continuous shooting Shoots much faster
Viewfinder Has a digital viewfinder
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


$2,219 - $2,999 body only

$2,558 - $3,899 with 24-105mm lens

Screen resolution Significantly higher resolution screen
True resolution Much higher true resolution
Storage slots Has fewer storage slots


Canon EOS 6D

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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Showing 25 comments

Avatar for Jason Nalley Jason Nalley (4:07 PM, July 01, 2015)
So does a 50D but it shoots 1/8000. It seems like a silly thing to limit. I understand they will self limit features to make other products more desirable... But shutter speed? There are plenty of other things that serve that purpose far better than shutter speed... Just my opinion...
Avatar for Mark D. Khoury Mark D. Khoury (3:00 PM, July 01, 2015)
Because it comes in at a lower bracket than the pro line...
hayvaleri (6:57 PM, February 08, 2015)
I've been considering upgrading to the 5D for quite some time now, but it might be kind of a crazy jump from the Rebel T3i to something like this one. I'm currently a student, but I need a professional camera. I shoot weddings, portraits, sports, video, and everything in between so I really need something versatile and something that can do well in low light situations without flash. Would the 5dmkiii be a good choice? I'm willing to save up and pay the higher price if it's worth it. Any suggestions?
Avatar for Jeff Forbes Jeff Forbes (2:08 AM, February 03, 2015)
I realize this is old, but the 7D/7DII would be the place to look for sports photography in a lower price range. The 7DII offer pro-body level autofocus. The 5DIII is probably suitable, if expensive, and the 6D offers an autofocus system most comparable to the old 30D by comparison. It's not a penalty box in the grand scheme of things, but it wasn't meant for sports at all. You may lose a little bit on image quality with the crop body (Particularly if you compare a 7D to modern DSLRs with Sony sensors), but for outdoor sports, getting the images in focus is going to be more important.
chill (8:57 PM, December 16, 2014)
try mirrorless camera like panasonic gh4 or sony =)
Avatar for Guna Sekar Guna Sekar (7:44 AM, October 08, 2014)
worst comparison
Avatar for myhealthtoo myhealthtoo (1:41 AM, September 09, 2014)
whats a good camera and lens to use for taking tennis shots under $2000??
Avatar for Aian I. Mazumder Aian I. Mazumder (5:19 PM, July 02, 2014)
If you shoot RAW video using Magic Lantern, the fast speeds of the CF slot is pretty important in the 5D over the 6D.
Avatar for Aian I. Mazumder Aian I. Mazumder (5:17 PM, July 02, 2014)
That's always an option but at almost $400, I'd personally rather just put that money toward saving up for a 5D. You can't necessarily go wrong with the 6D but the 5D is no doubt still a better camera. The fast speed of the CF card slot is important if you're planning to record RAW video to the card slot. For photography and everything else other than being a professional or high speed/sports photography, the 6D is a great, affordable choice and will get identical pictures (image quality) to the 5Dm3. For video, I'd still save up for the 5D, but that's just my opinion. Both are still great cameras. Obviously the 5D costs a decent amount more but it's up to you if it's worth the money for the upgrades.
Lucas Vazquez (1:15 PM, July 01, 2014)
Hi Aian, what about VAF-6D moire/anti-aliasing filters? I saw some videos and they actually look great.
Woud you still recommend 5d?
Kwest (9:21 AM, June 22, 2014)
I've filmed a low budget TV show with the 6D and 5dMk2 as back up. I gotta give it to the 6D. The only thing I hate about the camera is that damn moire! Now that I bought a $350 filter for it I'm very happy with it. $1650+350 still out weighs the $3500 for a 5DMK3. Don't get me wrong the 5DMK3 is the king but this fresh prince is just coolin' right now. The real problem is waiting to see if I should get the 1D-C (price drop) or the 5DMK4 or 6DMK2! Dang!
John (2:35 AM, June 13, 2014)
Yeah I mean who cares about money these days?
Avatar for Lawrence C Lawrence C (10:58 AM, June 11, 2014)
If the 5d's price was actually $250..... (Error in price)
Avatar for disqus_in9rzTk0P5 disqus_in9rzTk0P5 (5:35 PM, May 29, 2014)
5d mark III for 249.95?? Where?? I'll buy a whole bunch!! lol :P
Avatar for Tim Tim (4:08 PM, May 12, 2014)
I need to disagree with the final decision. It looks like far to much weight is given to size and weight. (no pun intended.) In nearly every way but price, the 5D3 is the clear winner. In terms of dynamic range and image quality, the 6D might have an extremely slight edge, but it is so minimal as to not really matter.

Frame rate, auto focus, dual card slots, and shutter lag are all significantly better on the 5D3, which are very important features for a pro photographer.
Avatar for Aian I. Mazumder Aian I. Mazumder (2:15 AM, March 31, 2014)
The 3 things that led me to the 5Dm3 over the 6D is 2 card slots, the anti-aliasing filter (rarely gets mentioned), and the much, much better focusing system. For event photography, writing to 2 cards is HUGE, esp a fast write to a CF card. For video, anti-aliasing filter is quite important. If you don't notice aliasing now, you probably will eventually. Because of this, there is no doubt that the 5Dm3 is a much better camera for video. The focusing system is also a huge upgrade from the 6D if you're shooting anything other than stationary shots in the middle of the frame. Those 3 things made me pick the 5D over the 6D.

For someone that doesn't do video, shoots mostly still subjects, and is comfortable shooting to one SD card (many photographers), then the 6D is the better choice at the cheaper price but if the 3 things I mentioned are important, I recommend saving up for the 5Dm3 like I did.
Avatar for Clover Paws Cattery Clover Paws Cattery (8:38 PM, January 29, 2014)
This is such a tough choice! The focusing system of the 5D is definitely
better, I don't think there is any question about that. But in every
other way these two are very comparably similar. The biggest advantages
of the D6 are it's price and built in WIFI/GPS, which if you added these
features to the 5D it would be a thousand dollars more than it already
is. I do portraiture and some events. I tend to think I might get more
usable, in focus shots, especially for weddings and perhaps with
restless children with the 5D. But is the difference so much it's worth
paying an extra thousand dollars? That's the big question. Saving a
thousand dollars could allow me the purchase of a new lens, or some nice
props. I am still very undecided!
Avatar for Jason Nalley Jason Nalley (0:57 AM, October 21, 2013)
The shutter speed is also an issue for the 6D. I mean seriously why include a 1/4000s limitation on a Full Frame? Why not just allow it to do the 1/8000s like the rest of the cameras on the market today as well as its predecessors?
Avatar for Shawn M. Knox Shawn M. Knox (3:08 PM, August 28, 2013)
The 5DM3 has a multi-cluster of center points (9 I believe). It makes a big difference for sports or event action. I used to have a 5DMK2 that had the lone center focus point. If you're subject is moving directly towards you you'll probably get some usable shots but if it is moving across the plane then you'll need a lot of luck or perfect timing. The choice is up to each person on what they buy. My only point here is make sure you choose what you need. The 5DMK3 focusing system is very advanced and not difficult to do. It has been a long time since I could say that about a Canon DSLR. If you're shooting sports you will be limited. If you're shooting still life subject then you will probably be satisfied with the 6D. WiFi seems to be an overrated feature to me. I can see few specialized uses but not many in my workflow. I would rather have a higher percentage of in-focus shots than have the wifi option and end up with a lot of out-of-focus shots transferred wirelessly. There are other and better ways to fire cameras wirelessly (at the moment). But again, choose the camera based on your needs and understand that almost no camera is perfect for every type situation, so choose wisely.
John Wynne (4:33 AM, August 26, 2013)
Then you must have very still subjects. Fast moving subject such as action or sports requires an adept focusing system, even when your subject is not dead center.
Avatar for kaka kaka (4:10 AM, August 24, 2013)
forgot about the money and the weight
Avatar for Cbordin Cbordin (9:46 PM, August 04, 2013)
I have never moved my focus point from center. I would never trust that the sensor wouldn't pick a back ground or foreground object and ruin my shot.

Pick your focus point and hold then frame your shot.
I can not think of a time in the past 22 years of shooting that I would want the camera to decide what to focus on.

Just bought a 6D and I am selling my 5D Miii to buy a second 6D.

5D plus wifi = 2 6D's .... no brainier unless you are making thousands of dollars a month from your camera.

I'm going to miss my dual card slot but that is about it. And JPG In the camera for HDR.... Who would want to create a HDR in the field unless it was for fun. To do a good job in HDR it needs to be done in post.

My 2 cents :)
Avatar for Shawn M. Knox Shawn M. Knox (8:23 PM, July 29, 2013)
There is one glaring advantage to the 5DMKIII that should be heavily weighted in its favor over the 6D and that is the focusing system, which is well worth the additional cost. The 6D is using a system with only 11 focus points and 1 cross sensor. If you are shooting stationary objects then you'll be OK but if you're shooting anything with any type of movement pay the difference and get the 61 point/41 cross sensor focusing system of the 5DMKIII which compares favorably with the very high priced 1D X. As with every camera purchase, look at your needs first and then match those to the camera. If you're a landscape, fine art or portrait only photographer then the 6D is probably a good choice. If you shoot the aforementioned, plus events, weddings, sports, etc. then upgrade to the 5DMKIII. My personal rule of thumb on buying high cost technology is to always try and buy up if you can possibly afford it. That's just me but given that you are already spending $2K, I think another $1K is worth the investment. You can usually get a refurbished 1DMKIII with warranty from the Canon store for around $2800 which is less then a $800 difference and is definitely worth it in my opinion.
Wildlife shooter (10:09 PM, March 25, 2013)
I can't choose ...... Both so cool!
Ricecim (3:40 PM, September 20, 2012)
Forgot wifi for the 6D