Updated (February 2011): Compare the Canon EOS 600D vs Nikon D90

Nikon D90 vs Canon EOS 600D

Nikon D90


Canon EOS 600D



Reasons to buy the Nikon D90

Great color depth
Color depth
22.7 bits
Wide dynamic range
Dynamic range
12.5 EV
Large viewfinder
Viewfinder size
Almost no delay when powering up
Startup delay
300 ms startup delay

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 600D

Movie format
Full HD
1080p @ 30fps
Screen resolution
High resolution screen
1,040k dots
Screen flips out
Flip-out screen
Great for movies
External mic jack
External mic jack
Record higher quality audio with a microphone


Explore our gallery of 49 sample photos taken by the Canon EOS 600D.
Explore our gallery of 47 sample photos taken by the Nikon D90.


Nikon D90 Competitors

Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300

Entry-level DSLR

$419 body only

$419 - $447 with 18-55mm lens

Movie format Higher resolution movies
Low light performance Significantly lower noise at high ISO
Viewfinder size Significantly smaller viewfinder
Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000

Entry-level DSLR

$549 body only

$1,220 with 18-105mm lens

Movie format Higher resolution movies
Autofocus Video autofocus
Shutter lag More shutter lag
Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200

Entry-level DSLR

$389 body only

$399 - $699 with 18-55mm lens

Movie format Higher resolution movies
True resolution Much higher true resolution
Viewfinder size Much smaller viewfinder

Canon EOS 600D Competitors

Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D

Entry-level DSLR

$260 body only

Autofocus Video autofocus
Battery life Slightly longer battery life
Screen resolution Much lower resolution screen
Canon EOS 700D

Canon EOS 700D

Entry-level DSLR

$1,624 body only

$490 with 18-55mm lens

Autofocus Video autofocus
HDR Has in-camera HDR
Color depth Worse color depth
Canon EOS 750D

Canon EOS 750D

Entry-level DSLR

$548 body only

$655 with 18-55mm lens

Dynamic range More dynamic range
Cross type focus points Many more cross-type focus points
Viewfinder size Smaller viewfinder


Nikon D90

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Canon EOS 600D
EOS 600D

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Showing 7 comments

Thatsme (10:38 AM, July 11, 2013)
come on guys, u can't compare a semi-pro camera with an entry-level. surely d90 is better
james (10:22 AM, February 26, 2013)
snapsort... Please check your data! I think 600d canon wins here. look @ your better image quality d90 has a better image quality w/ only a 12.3 megapixel compare to the 600d with 18 megapixel. i think you better show and compare the two images taken in both cameras.
ghost (4:15 PM, February 22, 2013)
ehh canon disappoints me...
Penicka Martin (6:27 PM, February 19, 2012)
Canon 600D better then Nikon D90.
Stevejjones (4:50 PM, December 23, 2011)
yeah this is on snapsort. I got that too - when you compare 600d with 60d, 600d wins,,,, when you compare 60d vs nikon d90 - canon 60d wins, and here it says canon 600d ties with nikon d90... ie. A=B, but A isbetter than C and C is better than B !!Hope these guys change the stats - i think canon 600d outsmarts nikon D90 with its features if nothing else, and hence A (canon600d) should be better than > C (canon 60d) which should be shown to be better than > B (nikon!)
phem (6:37 PM, December 20, 2011)
but only 600d has higher resolution compare to the other dslr camera., thatswhy still in top 6, in snapsort and still in top 10 dslr camera in some comparing sites for camera.
Guest201120122013 (9:45 PM, December 15, 2011)
canon 600d = ties with = Nikon D 90.
canon 60D = wins against => Nikon D90
but canon 600 D = wins against canon 60D. ?? How?? surely this is a mistake somewhere!??