Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W5 Photo #1 Sky1

Its amazing at what you can do with a camera as long as you take the time learn all its in and outs, all the tolerances and capability. I think this image stretched it to the limits. Set at 30 second exposure. This camera was not made for dark shots, but I have been learning how to do it well. I did touchup in photoshop. It seemed right. The planetary alignment is a trip also. The moon is almost full. And there is faint object to the north east of it. Its sort of red. That is Mars. Also in the lower right corner is orin behind the trees. In my observation I could not help but notice the figure on the moon looking like a dragon. Firstly I thought it was a cool alignment. But then I thought about how much it meant . Just an interpretation. PS, today was strangely a good day, in a way where a lot of good and bad things happened in an obvious way.

Technical Details

30 s
7 mm
100 ISO