Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P52 Photo #2 The Eagle Has landed

A half a mile away in the one of the tallest trees in the photo is a Bald Eagle. This eagle and it's mate successfully raised 2 baby eagles this summer. In the middle of August they all left for a couple months and now one of the adults has returned as expected. The other, if not already returned, will return soon. Their cycle has begun again. Soon the pair will either work on the existing nest or start to build another one. Since the eagle in this picture is perched above the existing nest in the sentinel tree, and the existing nest seem to be in good repair, I believe the pair will continue to use the existing nest for their next parenting. It was kind of crumby weather for taking this photo. But this documents an important event. This is the eighth or ninth time the eagles have gone on their annual "vacation" and returned to this area.

Technical Details

1/250 s
12 mm
100 ISO