Sony Alpha DSLR-A580 Photo #33 190/365 Back Garden

This is a combination of 30 photos using the Brenizer method. I read this article yesterday and I wanted to try the technique. The idea is to use a lens with a huge aperture, in this case I used my 1.8f 50mm, but create a more wide angle view. So in this photo i got a similar result that I would've if i'd used my 18mm but by using my 50mm I've got just my house in focus and the rest of the garden is blurred, creating an unusual effect. The photo would've been bigger but part of it went wrong so I had to crop it down. I'm still pleased with this result though. And for anyone who wants to try this, it WILL crash your photoshop. You have to view this on lightbox 500px Feel free to follow me on <a href="http://twitter.c...

Technical Details

1/1000 s
50 mm
100 ISO