The Sony Mavica FD-95 is mostly gets compared to compacts. The Sony Mavica FD-95's top rivals come from Canon (such as the PowerShot SD950 IS)

compared toCompact competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Sony FD-95 compared to compact competitors include: it supports an external flash.

However, on average it doesn't have image stabilization (none vs lens), takes much lower resolution photos (1.9 MP vs 12 MP), has a marginally smaller sensor (1/3" 5.27x3.96mm vs 1/1.7" 7.6x5.7mm), is older (february 2000 vs august 2007) and is much heavier (900 g vs 205 g).

Canon PowerShot SD950 IS

Canon PowerShot SD950 IS
7 years newer

Significant advantages of the SD950 IS (vs the FD-95)

  • Image stabilization:
    1. Lens
    vs None
  • Much lighter: 205 g vs 900 g
  • Much higher true resolution: 12 MP vs 1.9 MP

Significant disadvantages of the SD950 IS (vs the FD-95)

  • No external flash support

common strengths of the SD950 IS and FD-95

  • Wide aperture: f/2.8 vs f/2.8
  • Each has a built-in flash
  • Viewfinders: Tunnel vs Digital