Sony A7 videos including samples, reviews and tutorials. The Sony A7 shoots video at 1080p resolution at 60 fps, it shoots 24p at 1080p, which is great for that film look, it has a flipout screen, it does support continuously focusing while recording movies. The full list of modes supported is: 1920x1080 @ 60 fps, 1920x1080 @ 24 fps, 1440x1080 @ 30 fps and 640x480 @ 30 fps.


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Sony A7 vs. A7R Hands-on Review

Sony has released a full-frame mirrorless camera, two in fact: the alpha a7 and a7R ( One has 24-megapixels the other 36-megapixels, but there are more differences - which one is right for you? Pricing Reference: Sony A7: Sony A7R:

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Sony A7 Review - A killer camera with a small footprint

Download the full resolution RAW + JPEG files at The Sony A7 brings an awesome full frame sensor to the mirrorless market with a more reasonable price attached. While not cheap, it certainly is the less expensive of other full frame cameras on the market. With a new retro...

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Sony A7 & A7R Hands-On Field Test

We've been hoping for someone besides Leica to make a full frame, interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, and Sony has finally produced the cameras we've been waiting for! In this episode The Camera Store TV's Chris Niccolls checks out the new Sony A7 and A7R, full frame mirrorless cameras with killer...

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