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Specifications Key specs
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Screen size
Help 2.5"
Help Unknown
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Wide angle
Help 41 mm
Movie format
Help 320 x 240
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Sigma DP2Sigma DP2


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The Sigma DP2 vs other recent boutiques

Size Quite small Help
Mid size (113×60×56 mm)
Built-in flash Built-in flash Help
Usually standard
Weight Light Help
280 g


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The Sigma DP2 vs other recent boutiques

Zoom Very poor zoom Help
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
230k dots
Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
800 ISO
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
4.6 MP
Autofocus contrast detection autofocus Help
slower focusing
Sensor size Small sensor Help
Sigma X3 20.7x13.8mm
Viewfinder Can only preview photos on the screen Help
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Wide angle Very poor wide angle lens Help
41 mm
Screen size Very small screen Help
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
3 fps
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
External mic jack Lacks an external mic jack Help
Limited to the in-camera mic
Announced Old Help
September 2008
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/2000 of a second


front photo of the Sigma DP2back photo of the Sigma DP2angle photo of the Sigma DP2


Sigma DP2

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Avatar for $3586422 $3586422 (2:55 AM, July 08, 2010)
I read all the reviews of the DP2 before deciding to buy one. Here is what I found out. The sensor is really 4.7MP, but that is because there are actually three individual color sensors at each pixel site. So why does Sigma call this a 14MP camera? Well it is because all other digital cameras us "bayer" sensors that are 14MP and do actually have 14MP photo sights, but each of the photo sights is only one color, red, green or blue. To get 14MP of actual full color resolution, they have to perform very sophisticated processing and "guess" what the real color at a particular photo site is, given the photo sight colors around it. This usually works well, but along hard edges, color errors can occur, leading to color aliasing. The Sigma Foveon sensor doesn't need to do any of this, and can easily be scaled up to 14MP while maintaining very good sharpness. To find out what a Sigma camera is really like, you need to look at the images, because that is where the Sigma DP2 stands out. After all these praises, I should also mention some of the drawbacks. The Sigma DP2 is somewhat quirky, in particular the auto focus is slow and really doesn't work in lowlight. You basically have to switch to manual focus. It took me a while to get used to the DP2, but now I find its user controls to be very comfortable. If you are currently looking to upgrade from a point and shoot camera to a camera with a larger sensor, you need to be sure you understand what you are getting into, or you won't be happy with the Sigma. I, like many others have learned to love the DP2, and now it is almost impossible to go back to any non-Foveon sensor camera. I only wish Sigma and Foveon would come out with the next generation of Foveon sensor with at least 10MP. I would buy one in a heartbeat. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, the 24mm (41mm equ.) fixed focus lens is very sharp when used wwide open at f/2.8, and it's bokeh (limited depth of field) will tempt you to take all your pictures at f/2.8.