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#n/a of 5
Among similar cameras
#n/a of 12
Specifications Key specs
Help 1x
Screen size
Help 2.5"
Help Unknown
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Wide angle
Help 28 mm
Movie format
Help Unknown
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Sigma DP1Sigma DP1


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The Sigma DP1 vs other recent boutiques

Thickness Thin Help
Lowest price Inexpensive Help
Size Quite small Help
Compact 109x60x31 mm
Weight Light Help
270 g


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The Sigma DP1 vs other recent boutiques

Screen size Very small screen Help
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
230k dots
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
4.6 MP
Panorama Lacks in-camera panoramas Help
You could stitch photos in post
Shutter lag Poor shutter lag Help
1534 ms shutter lag
HDR Lacks in-camera HDR Help
You could do HDR manually
Sensor size Slightly smaller than average sensor Help
Sigma X3 20.7x13.8mm
Light sensitivity (boost) Lacks boost light sensitivity Help
Viewfinder Can only preview photos on the screen Help
Zoom Poor zoom Help
Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Light sensitivity Very poor maximum light sensitivity Help
800 ISO
Startup delay Poor startup delay Help
3900 ms startup delay
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Battery life Shorter battery life Help
250 shots
Announced Old Help
September, 2006
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Longest exposure Short exposures Help
30 seconds


front photo of the Sigma DP1back photo of the Sigma DP1angle photo of the Sigma DP1


Sigma DP1

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screwbiedooo (11:18 AM, April 13, 2012)
This camera fails on so many levels. Slow autofocus, snail-like write-times, an indistinct little screen, pointless movie mode, massive minimum focus distance, no integrated lens cap, poor low-light performance, high noise, slow fixed lens (f4), poor ergonomics, poor indoor flash exposure, expensive and hard-to-justify accessories such as the close up lens, which makes little impact - forget it for macro, optical viewfinder, accessory attachment, flash etc. Sigma's short pedigree in building cameras really seems to show itself. It seems there is no reason to buy this garbage.

But for one thing...

The image quality it produces is like nothing else around. The Foveon sensor truly produces silk-like and gorgeous detail throughout the spectrum. At 100% magnification what you see is what you get at about 50% on a regular Bayer image. It is not a 14MP camera but then neither are 14MP Bayer sensors, truly full colour 14MP. With the Sigma you can enlarge the files with confidence to nearly double linear resolution and still have a really good file to work with. You couldn't quite do this on a Bayer camera.

I love the Sigma images for their crispness, depth and detail, (taken at 100 ISO, calmly and in decent light). Mr Merrill (RIP) deserves a posthumous medal. I only wish Sigma could get it right on the rest of the thing, and this concept would be a world beater. Another note: You can make some gorgeous panoramas with this using simple stitch software.