Samsung S850 Photo #24 FRONT OF HANHAM HALL ASYLUM 4

The front of the derelict administration block to Hanham Hall Asylum. In Hanham Bristol U.K. Hanham Hall dates back to the mid 17th century where it started off as a Manor house untill in 1915 Harold and Katherine Burden, [who established the National Institutions for Persons Requiring Care and Control or the {NIPRCC}] leased the place and turned it into an institution. The asylum was then bought by the National Health Service {NHS} and remained open untill 2000 when it finally closed. Most of the land has been sold off and the buildings that once sat on it have been knocked down throughout the decades only leaving this building which was the administration block and is a grade II buliding. Now they are turning the land into a eco village and should be done be done by 2015. Around 2001 after a year it had closed down, people used to break inside the asylum, having found ways to get in. There were probably other entrances but one of them was a window which is now boarded up and you ...

Technical Details

1/296 s
33 mm
50 ISO